Our Wild Feast events have become a staple on the farm since launching in 2022. Each month we invite chefs from all over the country to cook up a weekend feast, featuring produce aligned with the seasons and sourced from the local area.

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A rotating showcase of culinary talent.

Building upon the foundational concept of celebrating local produce and culinary talent, Wild Feasts at Oxmoor Farm is more than just a series of dining events—it’s a burgeoning movement set in the heart of Buckinghamshire. Our rural supper club series transforms the bucolic landscapes of the farm into a vibrant stage for the next generation of chefs to showcase their skills, all while paying homage to the rich bounty of the surrounding area. 

The initiative is a testament to our dedication to not only elevating the dining experience but also supporting local producers, farmers, and wineries. By sourcing ingredients exclusively from the region, our Wild Feasts promote a sustainable ecosystem that benefit the local economy and ensures the freshest, most flavorful dishes make it to the table.

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The summer series is a rotating showcase of culinary talent, with chefs taking turns to play host and share their unique visions with guests. This year, Oxmoor Farm is set to welcome an impressive lineup from May through to December. Each chef brings a distinct style and philosophy to the kitchen, promising a diverse and enriching gastronomic journey throughout the series.

Our Wild Feasts are more than just meals; they are a celebration of community, sustainability, and the art of cooking. By bringing together the brightest culinary minds and the best local produce, we are crafting an experience that goes beyond the plate, fostering a deeper appreciation for the land and its yields.

Upcoming Wild Feasts

Amber Francis

Former Great British Menu contestant and British Restaurant Awards Young Chef of the Year 2022 Amber Francis, will open the 2024 season with a residency on May 4th & 5th. Following her formative years training at establishments including the Ritz and The Hand & Flowers, Amber was most recently Head Chef at Maene and Robin Gill’s Zebra Riding Club.


Eleanor Henson

Eleanor Henson, Head Chef of Skye Gyngell’s Spring, who will cook at Oxmoor Farm on May 25th & 26th, is a culinary artist whose ethos marries beautifully with the lush offerings of the farm. A part of the Spring team for seven years, Eleanor will showcase her elegant cooking style which draws on a passion for sustainability and working closely with biodynamic growers.


Michelle Trusselle

Michelle Trusselle will cook on June 22nd & 23rd, with her Caribbean concept Myristica, sharing recipes rooted in her family heritage and training in Michelin kitchens. A Masterchef: The Professionals semi-finalist, Michelle’s dishes were described by Marcus Wareing as ‘Caribbean Royalty on a Plate’.


Sophie Godwin & Adam Bush

Sophie Godwin & Adam Bush will cook on July 20th and 21st – the chef and food writer duo behind catering and content agency Scramble LDN, drawing on their experience in Michelin kitchens, private cheffing and writing for the likes of BBC Goodfood, Olive and MOB. Sophie’s debut cookbook ‘Sundays’ is out now.


Tom Cenci

Tom Cenci, the seasoned Chef Owner of London’s newly opened Nessa within 1 Warwick Street members’ house, will cook on August 24th & 25th. Tom will present his eclectic culinary style which draws on his time in Paris and Canada, as well as London restaurants Noble Rot and Stoney Street.



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